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Virtual training

Our virtual classroom training provide you with the practical tools you need to help your clients. Find out more about the virtual training we offer in different topic areas here.

Behavioural Theory to Engage and Support Money Advice

Behavioural theorists study what works when it comes to breaking habits that are not serving us well and changing our behaviour.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in Debt Advice

Delve into the causes of financial challenges for historically marginalised groups and the importance of cultural competence when delivering advice. We’ll also explore strategies for advising clients from diverse backgrounds.

Good Practice: Providing High Quality Debt Advice

You will discuss key principles, skills and processes that will help you to improve your practice and work towards giving the best advice possible.

Mental Health: Good Practice for Debt Advisers

How to identify, support, advise and refer clients that have a mental health problem. We recommend a process to follow that reflects key guidelines and the law.

Negotiation and Communication: Strategies and Tactics

Enhance your confidence and success in creditor negotiations. Develop processes, behaviours and styles to use for different debts and circumstances.

Recognising Diverse Client Need: From Learning Disabilities to Neurodiversity

This course covers approaches for advising and supporting clients with a range of conditions that may have at least some impact on the ability of the client to engage with debt advice and manage their finances.

Skills for Effective Advocacy

Join in on this interactive day to learn how to effectively represent your client’s debts in legal proceedings.

Supporting Clients in Vulnerable Circumstances

This interactive workshop gives you the space and opportunity to explore practical ways to advise and support vulnerable clients.

Supporting Debt Clients with Money Management Skills

You will explore ways to integrate financial capability into debt advice work.

This course provides you with the knowledge, confidence, motivation and skills to be able to support your clients with managing their money.

Supporting Yourself to Support Others in Times of Crisis

Explore ways to build your resilience as an adviser including boundaries, emotional intelligence and debriefs. Identify a practical, good practice approach to supporting clients through challenging times including bereavement and suicidal thoughts.

Tailoring Advice: Strategies and Options for Dealing with Debt

This course goes through tried and tested strategies which will support you to work with clients in line with codes of practice and guidelines.

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