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Wiseradviser will help you meet MaPS Quality Framework for individuals delivering debt advice.

Wiseradviser has gained accreditation from the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS), as part of their Quality Framework for Individuals, for Initial Contact, Support Work, Advice Work, Caseworker/ Specialist, Court Representation and Supervision levels.

What is the Money Advice Service Quality Framework for Individuals?

The Money Advice Service sets out the minimum knowledge and skills debt advisers need, mapped against the National Occupational Standards (NOS). They use this to accredit organisations that deliver debt advice training and qualifications against their Quality Framework.

The processes of all the organisations that administer and deliver Wiseradviser training are also assessed as part of the accreditation procedure.

Agencies who receive funding from the Money Advice Service, or who apply for quality marks that adhere to their framework, will need to prove that their advisers have completed accredited training. The Framework consists of six debt activity sets:

  • Initial Contact
  • Support Work
  • Advice Work
  • Casework/Specialist
  • Court Representation
  • Supervision

Further information on the Quality Framework can be found on

What this means for Wiseradviser users?

Core cluster of courses

For each of the levels, we have a core cluster of Wiseradviser courses that meet all the accreditation requirements, covering the National Occupational Standards (NOS) specified by MaPS at that level.

Meeting the requirements

Completing these clusters will support you and your agencies to demonstrate that you meet the Money and Pensions Service’s Quality Framework for Individuals requirements.

What courses do advisers need to complete for each level?

The accredited training must be completed in order of the levels, and advisers must complete all the courses in the cluster to complete each level.

For example all Advice Work level courses should be completed before moving on to Casework/ Specialist level courses.

If you have completed equivalent accredited training with another provider you can start at the next level in our programme.

Further training

We recognise that you need to learn a lot more in order to provide accurate and effective debt advice. We highly recommend you complete further courses in our programme that are relevant to your role.

List of the courses in each cluster

E= E-learning. V= Virtual Classroom

* courses are accredited at different levels as they cover the National Occupational Standards (NOS) at both levels.

There is no need to repeat courses.

Initial Contact and Support

E- Introduction to Debt Advice

Accredited courses diagram

This page introduces the core cluster of Wiseradviser courses which meet the accreditation requirements. A detailed diagram can be downloaded below. This diagram shows what courses form the core clusters of accredited courses. It also includes further courses in our programme which will provide you with essential knowledge and skills.

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